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There are two workshops running on 3rd October, from 13:00-17:00, please use the form below to indicate which you would like to attend.

WORKSHOP 1: Records & Archiving – Keeping up with your vendors. Requirements and Realities of Outsourcing

Presented by: Dora Endreffy & Marion Mays

This workshop will provide an overview of best practices with regulatory requirements in mind for managing records & storage vendors. We will walk through the various steps in the lifecycle of outsourcing your records management needs. The workshop will look at both paper and electronic. From selection to long term relationship building through the evolving regulatory challenges.

WORKSHOP 2: The Principles of Managing a GxP Archive

Presented by: Neil Gow & Sarah Kitching

This workshop is a condensed and up-to-date version of our popular “GxP-Regulated Archives and the GxP Archivist” training course. We will focus on the regulations impacting GxP archives, the role of the Archivist and the requirements for the design, operation and management of an archive, and provide an overview of how the principles apply to the archiving of electronic records.

Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

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